James Burke

The Constant Need For Approval


The Constant Need For Approval, 2018
280 x 53cm, Acrylic, LEDs, powder coated aluminium

The Constant Need for Approval
explores validity and perceived worth in the age of the internet.
The gold star has come to symbolise the marker for value in our society no matter how deep or trivial the subject matter. As a purely functional and self referential statement the artwork relies on interaction in order to fulfil its destiny. This symbiotic relationship with the viewer defines the work’s representation, expression and form and in so doing questions wider public narratives of what defines art.

“When I was kid, I stole the pen from my teacher that would stamp an ink star onto the page to tell the pupils when they had done good work. I stamped it over everything I had as if that was the answer to all my problems.”

The_Constant_Need_For_Approval_James_Burke_Artist_sculpture_installation_london_lighting_interactive_acrylicize_screen 2.JPG

Exhibited at Moniker Art Fair 2017, D&AD Festival 2018, Royal Academy of Arts (250th Summer Exhibition) 2018